1. famous or well known, typically for some bad quality or deed.

we our notorious.

Our founder, Nicole Calhoun (@yogaelixir) wanted something different in a yoga spot…so she created it with EYL. What makes us notorious? Our culture. Our flows. Our vibes. Our founding principles-sweaty flows, dope music, modern vibes-are notoriously unique in NWA.

We are a modern yoga experience in the heart of Northwest Arkansas and have eliminated most things that shy people from practicing yoga. No judgements, no cliques, no uptight exclusive culture. Only dope music and a**-kicking yoga flows. That’s notorious. We welcome and encourage all men and women of all backgrounds and levels in our space. From the beginner to the advanced student, we got you.

Hip-hop and deep-house infused, sweaty power flows are our specialty. Expect powerful classes that build strength, burn calories, increase flexibility, all while testing your mindfulness. Featuring two of the best and most acclaimed yoga teachers in Arkansas that are ready to build that one of a kind connection with you. Get ready to sweat that sh*t out.

“From the vibe, to the music driven yoga and the lounge, this place is MAGIC.”